Hi, I’m used to being called Patricia, but since my extreme experience, I changed my name to Sangeeta Kalyan Kaur, and today I want to share with you my experience.

I remember it well on November 28, 2019, because it was the last time I was normal if we wanted to see it that way.

That day I began to feel symptoms of headache, dizziness, and vomiting. To which I did not pay attention because I was an active and strong woman.

However, later, I had a stroke. I realized thanks to a neighbor who suggested that I visit the hospital because it could be something serious.

Thank God I live near the general hospital, and I left thinking that they were only going to prescribe me a couple of pills, and that’s it.

But it turns out that people treated me very quickly; this surprised me because we all know that it takes time to attend a hospital.

The doctors explained that I was having a stroke and that thank God I had arrived on time because the rest of that was going to give me cardiac arrest.

That same day at night, I was already full of cables all over my body, and I was in a hospital bed because I had lost all mobility in my body.

I didn’t really know what a stroke or heart attack meant, but if I sensed that something dangerous was happening to me,

The day before my son’s birthday, they gave me discharge from the general hospital; however, they told me to speak with my family doctor to find a bed for me in the hospital that belonged to me.

I immediately spoke to my doctor, and he made an appointment for me. When I got there, I could hardly walk. Once the doctor examined me, he asked me if he had someone to take care of my children because I would be admitted to the hospital.

Once I was tested, they discovered that I also had thyroid cancer.

That same day they told me that I had a brain tumor and that it was hindering parts of my body, and that was why I was losing the mobility of my body, sight, and speech.

The worst of all is that the tumor is not operable, since if this is done, two things can happen, or that I die in operation or that I live without being able to move my body for the rest of my life. So we decided that the tumor should not be operated on.

However, the doctors’ diagnosis is that I would never walk again because of that tumor, that it would take two years for me to speak again, and that I would lose my sight.

I told my doctor, as I could, that when I left the hospital, in faith, I was going to walk out.

And so it was, I went out walking (with a walker), and I went out talking.

I continued with my medical treatment. They did not give me many medications but many vitamins.

In the following months, my improvement was good, but not so good. I wanted to make myself useful. In addition to that, I could not go to therapy because due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I could not be treated in the hospital.

For a year, I had no therapy. What helped me a bit was doing yoga, I am a yoga teacher, and I was able to regain the movement of my arms.

Some of my yoga partners, who were experiencing illnesses similar to mine, recommended this product. As an excellent Hispanic, I had reservations about using this type of product.

After thinking about it a lot, I decided to do it, “if I’m going to die, I’ll die trying to live,” I told myself.

I started using this product, and it was a blast. I changed my diet from carnivore to vegetarian, from drinking regular water to alkaline water.

After that, my recovery started to be very fast. After a month of this routine, I started walking without help again. Although the doctors gave me a walking stick, I never used it; I don’t need it.

I also started using other products like these.

Later, I discovered that the nerves on one side of my body were constricted, which caused me not to move well. The creams helped me regain mobility.

Now I use the cream after bathing; I sleep peacefully. Thanks to it, I can walk, carry my bag, my phone, turn around to see. I am happy because I was myself again.

That is why I decided to share my experience and allow you to buy the products that have helped me, such as the alkaline water machine and other products.

The love that I was looking for on the outside began with myself. You don’t have to be in a hospital bed to find out.

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